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Basketball on all of Long Island was originally officiated by the Long Island Association which was established in 1930 (including Queens!). The Eastern Long Island Local Board was created in 1941, as an offshoot of Board 41. It was originally based out of the Westhampton military base (now Gabreski), and the officials only worked military games. Eastern Long Island Local Board became IAABO Board No. 40, Eastern Long Island District Board in 1952. In 2010, the board became what it is known as today, Eastern Long Island IAABO BOARD 40!! We now have just under 100 Officials who work all levels of College and High School games, as well as AAU, Rec Leagues, CYO and the Special Olympics.

Irv Markland, Bd. 41, Richard X. Park, Bd. 40, George Donnneson, Bd 40, Jack Sweeney, Bd. 40, John Schroll, Sr., Bd 40, Haywood Bullock, Bd. 40, Kevin Wolford, Bd 40, Larry Gualtieri, Bd 40 HONORARY BOARD 40 LIFE MEMBER: James R. Stark

IAABO Bd 40 Jacket Recipients:
Haywood Bullock, Dan Burns, John Charters, Greg Chavious, Larry Gualtieri, Jim Huey, Bill Masterson, Terry Murphy, Richard Park, James Stark, Jack Sweeney, Earl Truland, Ray Weeks, Kevin Wolford and Rick Boden

Richard X. Park, John Schroll Sr., Jack Sweeney, Haywood Bullock, Kevin Wolford
Sam Manarel 1941-42
John Heller 1942-46
Tom Kewin 1946-48
Sam Copin 1948-49
Harold Williams 1949-50
John Comba 1950-52
Ed Lopez 1952-55
John Bennett 1955-56
G. Donneson 1956-58
Nick Chick 1958-60
Art Rumph 1960-62
Herb Carlone 1962-63
G.N.Mazzaferro 1963-65
Ted Rosko 1965-67
A.DelHavens 1967-70
Jack Palace 1970-72
Dan Burns 1972-74
Bill Masterson 1974-76
Jim Stark 1976-77
Jack Schroll,Sr. 1977-79
Jack Sweeney 1979-81
Ray A. Weeks 1981-83
John Charters 1983-85
Larry Gualtieri 1985-87
R. Constantini 1987-89
G.A. Mazzaferro 1989-91
G. Schirmacher 1991-92
Jim Underwood 1992-94
Jim Huey 1994-96
George Martin 1996-99
Robert Nolan 1999-01
Al Conforti 2001-03
Kevin Wolford 2003-08
Larry Gualtieri 2008-14
Rick Boden 2014-18
1979 Don Perrier, Center Moriches H.S.
1980 Bob Burns, Sportswriter, L.I. Traveler Watchman
1981 R.X. Park, Secretary/Treasurer, Bd. 40
1982 Joe Barlin, Executive Secretary, Section XI
1983 Dr. John Foley, Basketball Chairman, Section XI
1984 Jim Stark, Past President, Bd. 40
1985 Bill Masterson, Past President, Bd. 40
1986 Ray Weeks, Past President/Interpreter, Bd. 40
1987 Art Snelders, Basketball Chairman, Section XI
1988 John J. Charters III, Past President, Bd. 40
1989 Jack Schroll, Sr., Past President, Bd. 40
1990 Chris Tracey, Basketball Coach/AD, Shelter Is. H.S.
1991 R.X. Park, Secretary/Treasurer, Bd. 40
1992 Jim Underwood, Vice President, Bd. 40
1993 Larry Gualtieri, Past President, Bd. 40
1994 Jim Huey, Vice President, Bd. 40
1995 Terry Murphy, Bd. 40
1996 Haywood Bullock, Secretary/Treasurer, Bd. 40
1997 Larry Gualtieri, Chairman Holiday Classic, Bd. 40
1998 John Dooley, Executive Committee, Bd. 40
1999 Robert Nolan, Vice President, Bd. 40
2000 George Martin, Past President, Bd. 40
2001 Jack Sweeney, Interpreter, Bd. 40
2002 Catherine Gallagher, Ex. Director, Section XI
2003 Don Lizak, AD, St Joseph College
2007 Lou Grenga, Executive Committee, Bd. 40
2008 Haywood Bullock, Secretary/Treasurer, Bd. 40
2009 Kevin Wolford, Past President, Bd. 40
2010 Jack Sexton, Asst Director, Section XI
2011 Earl Truland, Interpreter, Bd. 40
2012 Jim Huey, Exec. Bd, Bd. 40
2013 Bob Hodgson, Wm Floyd HS Coach (posthumously)
2014 Kevin Greene and Greg Chavious, Members, Bd. 40
2015 Chris Bower, Exec. Bd., Bd 40
2016 Tim Joyce, 2nd VP, Bd 40; Jim Huey, Exec. Bd., Bd 40
2017 Kim Christensen, Exec. Bd, Bd 40
2018 Larry Gualtieri, Exec., Bd 40
2000 V-John Dooley, JV-Earl Truland, JH-Christopher Bower
2001 V-Jim Huey, JV-Kim Christensen, JH-Fred Heckman and Kathleen Curtin
2002 V-Larry Gualtieri, JV-Charlie Cobb and Frank Zitaglio, JH-Reinaldo Cubi
2003 V-Pat Shea, JV-Jack Russell, JH-Steve Bianchi and Kevin Greene
2004 V-Haywood Bullock, JV-Dave Doherty, JH-Len Turano
2005 V-Kevin Wolford, JV-Reinaldo Cubi, JH-Scott Johnson
2006 V-Earl Truland, JV-Jim Fiorito, JH- No Award Given
2007 V-Rick Boden, JV-Dan McTigue, JH-Harry Tilis
2008 V-Kim Christensen, JV-Bill Maggi and Craig Lucas, JH-Bob Jansson
2009 V-Larry Gualtieri, JV-Roger Podd, JH-Gus Hernandez
2010 V-Earl Truland, JV-Dave Candelaria, Chris Brown, JH-Carl Nelson
2011 V-Dave Doherty, JV-Neil Schaknowski, JH-Jim Underwood
2012 V-Rick Boden, JV-Kevin Greene, JH-Terry Beglane
2013 V-Larry Gualtieri, JV-Roger Podd & Chris Bower, JH-Mike Nardone
2014 V-John Dooley, JV-Craig Lucas, JH Sam Smith
2015 V-Dave Candalaria, JV- Sam Smith, JH-Jamal Davis
2016 V-Earl Truland, JV-Mike Kelly, JH-Frank Dautzenberg
2017 V-Larry Gualtieri, JV-Al Carlo, JH-Carl Nelson
2018 V-Scott Johnson, JV-Jim Huey, JH-Gary Moller